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Wind-proof And Dust Suppression Roll Forming Machine

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Product description

Wind-proof and dust suppression roll forming machine is a equipment to produce wind-proof and dust suppression , and it is used for galvanized steel sheet, color steel or aluminium plate, and rolling forming.


Wind-proof and dust suppression roll forming machine uses different material as different purposes and environment. It can use metal material, HDPE, EVA etc. The wind board is new material with one-time forming, it can resist ultraviolet ray, high ageing resistance, and it is almost no need maintain in using process, first investment brings long-term benefit. The wind board’s color depends on customers, there are many colors used showing on the advertisement colour version. The color is added in the parent material one time, the forming wind board’s color is uniform and it is not easy to fade.


Wind-proof and dust suppression roll forming machine is widely used petroleum, chemical engineering, building, medicine, aviation, spaceflight, highway, railway, machinery, electron, spinning, coal, and cultivation etc.

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