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Automobile manufacturing

Automobile manufacturing is the main industry of the use of cold roll forming equipment, and requires a variety of cold formed steel, product size accuracy. Automobile manufacturing needs of cold-formed steel section as bearing structure, electro galvanized and cold plate as a substrate, processing and manufacturing into the required type of steel.

First, a large truck and passenger car using the maximum number of cold-formed steel, which is mainly used for the production of car frame, car floor, body frame, bottom beam etc..
1.The bottom girders and beams of some light truck which are used in the production of cold-formed steel.
2.A lot of cold formed steel is also used in the structure of all kinds of truck, such as: door window frame, glass curtain, lifting guide groove guide etc. More of these components are used the cold formed section of the cold formed steel products.
Second,Many kinds of cold formed steel products are used in the manufacture of the car, the amount of single car is not lot, but the variety of specifications, cross section, high accuracy requirements, the production of material not only requires high quality carbon structural steel, and some sections are made of galvanized material. Some cold formed steel products processing technology is also more complex, but also formed time after time, and some products section part of the material laminated online spot, therefore need to set up special equipment, increasing the difficulty of production. This profile is mainly used for door and window frames, glass, water, really guide groove, elevator guide rail, the seat rail and other decorative pieces. The product requirements of section shape and dimensions, are also not the same.

Railway Manufacturing / Railway Vehicles

In railway vehicles, the number of trucks is the largest, more use of the roll formed steel to make the parts, and the special shaped cold formed steel is more and more. In the past, except for the use of hot-rolled steel, most component is the use of steel stamping production, the process cumbersome, low production efficiency, high consumption of steel. While the use of cold-formed steel production, it has been greatly improved. The component widely used are: edge beam, column, end wall, roof, side bars below, upper beam, beam column frame, the door, along the rain, along the corrugated floor, luggage rack and various decorations etc.. With the progress of technology and the continuous upgrading of products, the application of cold formed steel in railway will become more and more.

Shipping/ Shipbuilding Industry


Cold roll forming products are widely used in all kinds of ships, ship, oil tanker, trawler, steamer, ferry, ports and ship crane, we can use cold roll forming steel to produce components, such as external bulkheads, string ladder, fender, cover, frame, container etc.. 



 In the development of modern transportation, container transportation is an advanced tool, it has a fast loading and shorten the stay time of ships and trucks in port, and improving the transportation equipment turnaround time, simplify the procedures tally to achieve a series of advantages, door to door transport etc.. In international trade, the container is an important means of transport. Container industry is one of the most important users of cold formed steel products, is also one of the largest sheet metal consumption. According to the different of specifications and uses of the containers, and the cold formed steel have a variety of specifications. They can be customized according to your needs.



The high-speed rail forming products mainly are highway guardrail, traffic sign frame, city road fences and so on, we use automatic strip leveling, precision feeding, punching 18 slow roll forming, computer reliablilty and other advanced technology, to ensure maximum protection plate shape and position dimensions and alignment degree.