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The Structure And Quality Requirement Of Forming Roller Of Cold Roll Forming Machine

Cold roll forming equipment forming roller to move the body and forming, it is divided into two categories according to the structure: the overall shape of the roller and the combination forming roller. The disadvantage of the integral forming roller is to manufacture complex, and can not replace the easy wear part of the pass, so it is not widely used. The advantages of combination and forming is various and has the advantages of simple processing, can be replaced individually pass in the easy wear parts, gaskets are available to correct pass in the roll gap, roll specifications can be unified, thereby reducing forming machine of molding and reserves. Therefore, this kind of molding and get wide application. But the combination of roll forming and disadvantages, produced in the shape of the axial force is transferred to the roller of the fastening nut, the groove width change, affect the product size precision, now Caigang equipment, C type steel equipment are also using this combination of forming rollers.

Roll forming equipment, the surface shall be free from bubbles, cracks, scarring, folding, inclusion, and edge delamination, allowing not greater than 10% of nominal thickness slightly concave, convex, indentation, hairline, bruises, and pressed into the iron oxide.

The surface defects of the cold roll forming equipment can be cleaned up by the method of repairing and grinding, but the depth of the cleaning shall not exceed 10% of the nominal thickness.

For cold formed steel with high surface quality, the technical conditions of the surface quality should be agreed.

Cold formed welded hollow steel welded joints shall not be opened, welded, burned, and serious dislocation. The burr at the weld shall be removed, and the inner burr of the weld shall not be cleaned.

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