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Shelf Post Roll Forming Machine

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Product description

Shelf post roll forming machine is a equipment to produce shelf post, it is used galvanized steel sheet and kinds of color steel or aluminium plate as the material to cold roll forming. Shelf post roll forming machineincludes post production line, welding beam forming machine with many specifications, P automatic welding machine, universal angle steel production line, steel gusset plate forming machine, layer plate adjustable molding machine and folding automatic production line etc. There are many types according to customer’s demand, including special type and multi-purpose type.

product features

1.According to the average stress principle, the rollers are average stress, so that it can lengthen lifetime.

2.The roller’s material is C12MoV which has good abrasive resistance. But the strength and hardness are contradictory, when do heat treatment, using C12MoV’s red hardness, by quenching two or three times to reach hardness.

3.It usually meets the problem of rolling stability in production. It is rocking by right and left, the reason is high stress on left, rocking to right; high stress on right, rocking to left.

4.The equipment’s advantage is convenient to remodel and adjusting.

5.It can produce other tiles by changing mould, it is economical and practical.



Shelf post roll forming machine is widely used for storage shelf, supermarket shelves, and other steel shelf’s production.

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