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  • aluminum roll forming machine

    HKY-760 Color Steel JCH Angle Profile Tile Roll Forming Machine

    ●HKY-760 Color Steel JCH Angle Profile Tile Roll Forming Machine Product description: HKY-760 Color Steel JCH Angle Profile Tile Roll Forming Machine and rolling and forming pressure plate is a bite mouth roof panel, which has the characteristics of high peak, high intensity, no screw lock bite installation, lap safe and reliable installation, waterproof and anti taiwan riot performance strong, and production of high degree of automation, low cost, durable, light weight and assembled freely and conveniently. The molding machine series production of the pressure plate to solve the series of conventional pressure plate of roof leakage problem, the pressure plate connected broke traditiona...

  • Metal Roofing Machines For Sale

    HKY-HC35 Sheet Metal Roll Forming Machine

    ●HKY-HC35 Sheet Metal Roll Forming Machine Product description: The equipment is mainly used for Russia, because of cold weather in Russia, the people usually use heat retaining panels to make houses, and the tiles which are produced by Russian special roll forming machine, are convenient and suitable to make insulation and add insulation material. The peak’s size is modest, dense and high-strength.

  • sheet metal roll forming machine

    HKY-1000 Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine

    ●HKY-1000 Color Steel Glazed Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine Product description: After the machine, roll forming die glazed tile roll forming equipment has beautiful appearance, simple and elegant, elegant modelling chic, grade noble, etc. characteristics, widely used in building and outdoor decoration garden type factory, scenic spots, pavilions pavilions, Villa Hotel, exhibition hall, the resort, the family of the buildings.