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The roll forming machine is including Roof&Wall Panel Roll Forming Machine. Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine. Double Layer Roll Forming Machine. Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine. Light Keel Roll Forming Machine. Roll Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine. C&Z&U&L Purlin Roll Forming Machine. Fully Automatic Sandwich Panel Roll Forming Machine. Jch Roll Forming Machine. Highway guardrail Roll Forming Machine. Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine. Large Span No-girder Roll Forming Machine. Russian Special Roll Forming Machine. Downspout And Gutter Roll Forming Machine. Slitting Line & Cut To Length Line & Leveing Line. Industry Specific Roll Forming Machine

  • Single Roof&Wall Panel Roll Forming Machine

    Single Roof&Wall Panel Roll Forming Machine

    • ●Product description: The roof & wall panel forming machine is rolled or cold-rolled strip steel, metal plate, galvanized plate, color steel as raw materials. Light metal profiles of different section shapes are obtained by bending at room temperature. Production of color steel products with different sections, production flexibility, easy to use, strong adaptability, save a lot of manpower and material resources, so the world's industrial developed countries are very seriously.   The pressure plate of the roll forming equipment, both elegant and dignified, beautiful and novel, and the appearance of smooth, uniform ripple, high utilization rate, high strength, high degree of automation production, low cost, and durable.   The whole unit automation control system using high integrated network, realize the production management informatization, make automation system superior performance, light steel structure, the construction industry indispensable advanced equipment. &nb...
  • Double Layer Roll Forming Machine

    Double Layer Roll Forming Machine

    • ●Product description: Double layer roll forming machine with the capable of forming a limited site area in two sections, and can quickly transform products, affordable, can be the perfect combination of the two models of devices into one, two plate replacement time becomes shorter, and also improve the rate of output.   Double layer roll forming machine in order to adapt the product of two double cut mode also has two heights, cutting mold rear end product processing equipment to be able to adjust up and down to accommodate the height of both export boards.   Double layer roll forming machine between high or low rack conversion to produce a contour color plate mounted on the lower frame, the production of another plate roll rack mounted high above the production line has an open-book machine, a cut off the press, if the lower feed roller color plates, forming a plate, if the roll feed top roll, and forming another section.
  • Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine

    Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine

    • ●Product description: The raw material of the glazed tile forming machine is galvanized steel, different color steel or aluminum plate, roll forming die.   Glazed tile after a long-term development, has formed a variety of exquisite, assembly type, strong product series. From the development of the traditional glazed tiles to the western style tile, they first in Japan and Spain, Italy and other European countries have been applied. It makes the semicircle-shaped tile and plate tile together, reasonable structure, simple mounting, effective coverage area, roof bearing small. More than one hundred species of rich color, at the same time, it does not affect the decoration effect. So, the western style tile is widely used in modern architecture.  
  • Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine

    Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine

    • ●Product description: Floor deck forming machine is galvanized steel as a raw material, after rolling cold-formed technology, die forming, mainly used for the production of steel works with floor boards, rolled into the floor boards after its V-shaped cross-section into categories, U-type, a ladder or a combination of several shapes, mainly used to make permanent formwork composite slab or concrete slab.
  • Roll Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine

    Roll Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine

    • ●Product description: Shutter door forming machine is to produce rolling doors of major equipment, the use of galvanized steel or different colors of color steel or aluminum as a raw material, production of color plate rolling gates brilliant color, do not fade, do not rust, fire cut off, easy deformation, strength 3 times higher than the aluminum door.   ●product features (1) This device uses a high level of automatic control software, production information management. (2) The entire unit automation control system uses highly integrated network, enabling superior performance automation systems. (3) has an operation, maintenance, maintenance and mechanical commissioning mold advantages of easy replacement. . (4) quick and easy installation, can be quickly installed on the flange, followed by nailing can.   ●Application The device is suitable for commercial facade, warehouses and supermarkets, garages, shopping malls, industrial enterprises and other public places or homes, e...
  • C&Z&U&L Purlin Roll Forming Machine

    C&Z&U&L Purlin Roll Forming Machine

    • ●Product description:  Steel forming machine is to produce light steel main equipment, the use of steel or steel cold-formed after forming, rolling production models of a variety of specifications purlins finished. The wall thickness of the product out of the apparatus can be made very thin, but also greatly simplifies the production process, improve production efficiency. Wall thickness can be produced hot-rolled with the general method but difficult to produce a uniform cross-sectional shape of the complex variety of profiles and cold-formed steel of different materials.  
  • Jch Roll Forming Machine

    Jch Roll Forming Machine

    • ●Product description: Jch Roll Forming Machine only produces the color steel tile used as the roof sheet. Corrugated height is relatively high, is the products which update the traditional roof screw installation products. The whole machine adopts imported PLC control system, collocation with other roll forming machines can achieve all-day continuous production.   ●product features 1. The whole unit use the full automatic control system with high integrated network, so as to make the automation system more advantageous, 2 It adopts the top level automatic control software to achieve production information management. 3 It has the advantages that operation, maintenance, maintenance and mechanical debugging, mold replacement easily and so on. 4.The profile produced by this equipment solves the common roof leakage problem and break the traditional convention that using the screw gun to fix. The installation method is using the 45 degree biting together so that the effect of water-pro...
  • Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine

    Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine

    • ●Product description: The ridge cap roll forming machine use the color steel as material with full automatic PLC control system, hydraulic cutting, high strength sprocket and chain transmission. Through roll forming, mold pressing, cutting with setting length and other process then forming the colorful ridge cap tile. It is classical and elegant, using together with the color steel glazed tile it adds the finishing touch.   ●product features 1. The machine’s weight is light, its strength is high, and it has good water proof function. It is easy and fast to install. 2. The design is reasonable and it is well made. It is easy to operate the type changing, the motor power is high and there is industrial control frequency conversion system which will keep the machine working more steady and meanwhile improving the production precision. The finished profile will be more neat and beautiful. 3. The structure is simple, the appearance is beautiful, the frame uses H type steel welding base...
  • Large Span No-girder Roll Forming Machine

    Large Span No-girder Roll Forming Machine

    • ●Product description: Large span no-girder roll forming machine uses the color steel as the material, can produce the special shaped section, large span arched material, this structure is without the traditional roof building beam column, frame and other load bearing parts. The profile can be used for building the arched roof panel for the large venue( span 10-34m). No girder arched roofing system is a new light steel roofing structure form, which first roll forming the color steel board to straight channel type, then roll and crease into trapezoidal groove shaped single curved panel, after that, using the lock machine to bite and connect the panel together as a whole panel. Adopting the arched structure roof panel, the arched panel is not only the bearing structure but also the space enclosing structure, the support structure can be reinforced concrete structure or steel structure which have the advantages of building fast, light and beautiful, span space is big, the internal space is...
  • Curving & Arch Machine

    Curving & Arch Machine

    • ●Product description: Arched colour plated pressure tile machine production of products with light weight, high strength, large load bearing, seismic characteristics, the pressure tile machine is widely used in high-rise steel structure construction field.
  • Russian Special Roll Forming Machine

    Russian Special Roll Forming Machine

    • ●Product description: The equipment is mainly used for Russia, because of cold weather in Russia, the people usually use heat retaining panels to make houses, and the tiles which are produced by Russian special roll forming machine, are convenient and suitable to make insulation and add insulation material. The peak’s size is modest, dense and high-strength.   Russian special roll forming machine is automatic machine, which can be automatically roll forming and cutting. Worker just need collect material. The machine measures accurate length, has big touchable screen, easy operation, setting up different languages, many production information. The machine is automatic production in order, it brings convenience for you, at the same time it improves work efficiency.   ●product features The equipment’s bearing seat has long distance, shaft’s two fulcrums are far from each other, so that in the forming process, the shaft is easily curved, operated, and used for Russian wide materi...
  • Industry Specific Roll Forming Machine

    Industry Specific Roll Forming Machine

    • ●Product description: Industry specific molding machine is including Wind-proof And Dust Suppression Roll Forming Machine.Anode Plate Roll Forming Machine.Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine.Car Panel Roll Forming Machine.Shelf Post Roll Forming Machine.Photovoltaic Solar Frame Roll Forming Machine.W Steel Strip Shoring Roll Forming Machine.Metal Colorful 3D Wall Panel Tile Machine.