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  • Corrugated roll forming machine

    HKY-840 Corrugated Roof Panel forming Machine

    ●CorrHKY-840 Corrugated Roof Panel forming Machine Product description: Corrugated Roof Panel forming Machine for the production of products with high peaks, the advantages of high intensity, lap mounting is safe and reliable, strong waterproof and anti taiwan riot function etc. characteristics, the pressure plate to solve the series of conventional pressure plate roof leakage problem, with arching machine can produce no beam vaulted roof. 840 roof & wall panels in the use of material and structure optimization are very sophisticated, so the multi link suspension is the pursuit of excellent control and driving comfort for the main demands of the. At present, senior car color eq...

  • arch curving roof roll forming machine

    Horizontal Type Curving Machine

    ●Horizontal Type Curving Machine Product description  With high level automatic control software, the horizontal type curving machine realizes the information management of production, and the whole unit automation control system adopts high integrated network, which makes the performance of the automation system more superior.

  • storage rack roll forming machine

    Photovoltaic Solar Frame Roll Forming Machine

    ●Product description: Photovoltaic solarframe roll forming machine is equipment to produce photovoltaic solarframe. It is used galvanized steel sheet and kinds of color steel or aluminium plate as the material to cold roll forming.    Photovoltaic solarframe which is provided to solar energy company by solar energy frame factory is line composition and process part. Photovoltaic solarframe is stable, mature production, high bearing capacity and simple installation.   Photovoltaic solarframe’s concave edge must be quadrate, accurate punching holes because of its particularity and strictness. And our company’s this machine produced C frame owns the point, the tile is tidy.。 &nbs...

  • ridge making machine

    Hydraulic Curving Machine

    ●Hydraulic Curving Machine Product description: Hydraulic lift is the color coated steel as raw material, production of special-shaped cross section, large span arch, such a structure to the construction of the traditional roof construction of the Liang Zhu, frame and other load-bearing components, with the construction of large venues (span 10-34M) arched roof.  

  • steel roll forming machine

    HKY-C21 Color Metal Profile Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine

    ●HKY-C21 Color Metal Profile Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine Product description: The equipment is mainly used for Russia, because of cold weather in Russia, the people usually use heat retaining panels to make houses, and the tiles which are produced by Russian special roll forming machine, are convenient and suitable to make insulation and add insulation material. The peak’s size is modest, dense and high-strength.   Russian special roll forming machine is automatic machine, which can be automatically roll forming and cutting. Worker just need collect material. The machine measures accurate length, has big touchable screen, easy operation, setting up different languages, many ...

  • Large Span Roll Forming Machine

    Large Span No-Girder Roll Forming Machine

    ●Large Span No-Girder Roll Forming Machine Product description: Large Span No-Girder Roll Forming Machine uses the color steel as the material, can produce the special shaped section, large span arched material, this structure is without the traditional roof building beam column, frame and other load bearing parts. The profile can be used for building the arched roof panel for the large venue( span 10-34m).

  • roof roll forming machine

    HKY-980 High Speed Classic Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine

    ●HKY-980 High Speed Classic Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine Product description: HKY-980 High Speed Classic Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine  can color glazed tile board production ladder, the color antique glazed tile is used as a raw material of color coated steel plate, the color glazed tile press rolling and cold bending into all kinds of wave type glass tiles pressure type, has the advantages of light weight, high strength, color rich, convenient construction, affluence, earthquake, fire, rain, long service life, maintenance free advantages; waterproof outstanding performance -- free waterproof layer; 90 building facade decoration is safe and reliable; rich colors, new person...