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Photovoltaic Solar Frame Roll Forming Machine

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Product description

Photovoltaic solarframe roll forming machine is equipment to produce photovoltaic solarframe. It is used galvanized steel sheet and kinds of color steel or aluminium plate as the material to cold roll forming. 


Photovoltaic solarframe which is provided to solar energy company by solar energy frame factory is line composition and process part. Photovoltaic solarframe is stable, mature production, high bearing capacity and simple installation.


Photovoltaic solarframes concave edge must be quadrate, accurate punching holes because of its particularity and strictness. And our companys this machine produced C frame owns the point, the tile is tidy.


Photovoltaic solarframe roll forming machine can produce kinds of frame sectional material by changing. The changing operation is easy with only one worker. PLC control decoiler, leveling and feeding, fixed punching, rolling forming, follow-up cutting, output. It can set many data one time, and it is automatic production, and controlled by remote control.

product features

1. High safety: avoid safety loophole and industrial accident by traditional cutting, slitting, punching, bending etc.

2. High production efficiency: save workers, management link, material resources, reduce middle operation step, it improve 5-10 times production efficiency compared traditional handicraft.

3. High automation: PLC computer control, easy operation, count pitch-row and length without workers. Production line is automatic absolutely and it is no need workers.

4. High precision: it is high precision compared manual work, and the appearance is more beautiful.



Photovoltaic solarframe roll forming machine is widely used for civil use, industrial solar photovoltaic and in solar power station.

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