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Metal Colorful 3D Wall Panel Tile Machine

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Product description

3D wall panel tile machine is designed specifically for the advertising industry to create widely used specially manufactured equipment. Outdoor advertising printing billboards currently because there are fading fast, easy to damage, wind-blown rain, install complex faults will be eliminated, aluminum composite panel, acrylic billboards because of high prices, making a long, easy deformation and not widely used by the general public.


So, we researched 3d panel tile machine, low prices, high quality, colorful, resistant to corrosion and is adopted by the advertising industry. Other layout effects simple, generous, smart, innovative and surprising, after testing of construction, aluminum-plastic composite panel for bottom of Billboard worker save 100%, low investment, low cost, quick, convenient, and market demand is huge.

 product features

1, Simple structure, can according to different specifications, color, distance, direction, design and produce different visual effects.
2, Beautiful shape, frame h-beam welding base, wallboard structure, high overall strength, to adapt to the high tensile load.
3. The other important components, equipment components are used in domestic well-known enterprise, from the surface effectively guarantee the performance of the equipment.
4, Using automatic fixed-length forming type and cut off, fixed-length precision positioning, strip shape end beautiful and neat, not out of shape.
5, Convenient installation and suitable for factory, construction site and container loading.
6, Low noise, high efficiency.



3D wall panel forming machine is widely used in outdoor installation, suitable for outdoor advertising, metope and ceiling and so on all kinds of decoration engineering.

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