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Large Span No-Girder Roll Forming Machine

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Large Span No-Girder Roll Forming Machine Product description

Large Span No-Girder Roll Forming Machine uses the color steel as the material, can produce the special shaped section, large span arched material, this structure is without the traditional roof building beam column, frame and other load bearing parts. The profile can be used for building the arched roof panel for the large venue( span 10-34m).


No girder arched roofing system is a new light steel roofing structure form, which first roll forming the color steel board to straight channel type, then roll and crease into trapezoidal groove shaped single curved panel, after that, using the lock machine to bite and connect the panel together as a whole panel. Adopting the arched structure roof panel, the arched panel is not only the bearing structure but also the space enclosing structure, the support structure can be reinforced concrete structure or steel structure which have the advantages of building fast, light and beautiful, span space is big, the internal space is wide and so on.


product features

1. No girder, no purlin, wide with great space, can be separated and combinated, used conveniently..
2. The machine weight is light, with high strength, good elasticity, good seismic performance.
3. Mechanical bite, air tight, saving time and high efficiency.
4. Stress mode is reasonable, safely stock, can bear heavy wind load and brisance.
5. Various design style, adaptable, which can use the straight trough plate and traditionally structure to make up the different form of buildings, and can also form the arch between the two buildings, whats more, it can add storey above the existing upper floors. This will solve the problem of water and increase the use of space.

6. Scientific design idea, advanced form of construction work which make the color steel arched roof building have the reasonable and accurate integral structure and connection which also ensure the quality of the construction work.



Large span color steel no-girder roll forming machine is mainly used to build stadiums, exhibition hall, cinema, theatre, grain storage, distributed greenhouse, industrial plants, tourism facilities, bazaars, entertainment venues, and other large span arched roof.

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