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HKY-836 Wall And Roof Panel Cold Roll Forming Equipment

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HKY-836 Wall And Roof Panel Cold Roll Forming Equipment Product description

HKY-836 Wall And Roof Panel Cold Roll Forming Equipment  the whole unit automation control system using high integrated network, realize the production of information management. Make the automation system performance is more superior, but also has the operation, the maintenance, the maintenance as well as the machine debugging, the mold replacement easy and so on.

 product features

1.The guide four column type high speed fine structure, pressure cylinder and die by the guide sleeve binding in 120 mm four solid oriented hydraulic prop, the mold under the vertical operation, will not produce the vertical deviation, especially on the tile die vulnerability, to absolute protection, but also greatly prolong the service life of the die.

2. Using high quality 95mm thick shaft, the strength is more durable.

3. The main body of the body without welding, all the use of cast steel, the whole machine will not produce stress and lead to the host body deformation.

4. PLC computer control program, set up ahead of data parameters, automatic fixed length, automatic cutting, with touch screen operation, precise size, easy and convenient.

5. Transmission system protection cover, to avoid personal injury, when there is a sudden, can be an emergency stop switch to stop the machine.

6. The section is economical and reasonable, saving materials. In the same weight and cross section area, cross section coefficient of cold-formed profiles is higher than that of hot-rolled profile. Under the same load, can reduce the structural weight, saving materials.

7. The production can be matched with punching, embossing, sculpture and other processes, can meet different needs, forming speed of up to 250m per minute.

8. Species diversity, can be a thin metal profile producing uniform wall thickness, complex section.

9. We established an electrostatic painting workshop, machine surface coating by electrostatic coating, beautiful appearance, will continue for a longer time.


The roof & wall panel forming machine is mainly used for making roof wall, such as, airport, large warehouses, large span steel structure workshop, gymnasium, large wholesale mall, grain and the canopy, travel scenery area, residential buildings, villas, resorts, exhibition hall, hotel, high skill development zone.

Product composition and process flow

DecoilerFeeding Device LevelingMain Roll forming machineHydraulic satation systemPLC electrical control systemPunching deviceCutting systemRun-out table 

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