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Heavy Slitting Machine

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Heavy Slitting Machine Product description

Heavy Slitting Machine is the longitudinal cutting equipment for slitting wide steel sheet.

product features

The equipment layout is reasonable, easy operation, high automation, high efficiency, high precision work, can machine various cold-rolled, hot-rolled coil, plate, silicon steel plate, stainless steel plate, color plate, aluminum plate, and all kinds of sheet metal after plating or painting.



(1) used for slitting paper which is currently the mainstream products in packaging equipment, packaging market often visible.

(2) used for slitting of leather, cloth, plastic, film, and so on demand by the industry, its main function is to wide roll material according to the length direction shear into narrow size coil, prepare for other processing operations in the future.
(3) for article points the metal coil: mainly used in steel market operators, steel rolling factory, electrical appliances industry, automobile, stamping parts and so on processing factory, is suitable for the slitting strip steel, stainless steel, copper and so on demand by the industry.

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