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Galvanzied Profile Downspout Roll Forming Machine

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Galvanzied Profile Downspout Roll Forming Machine Product description

Galvanzied Profile Downspout Roll Forming Machine is a molding set which can roller and produce downspout product. The equipment rolled product is used for long time compare with traditional PPC tube, and is not easily aging, so that the whole project is more unitive, and it is conducive to improve the whole project’s image.

product features

1.Simple structure, nice exterior, H steel weld base, wall panel structure, high strength, high strength load.

2.The equipment’s other important parts are all used from national known enterprise, so that it makes sure the machine’s function.

3.It is used for full automatic fixed forming and flying saw cutting, fixing exactly, tiles is beautiful and tidy, not distorted.

4.Good weather fastness, simple design, simple install, safe and durable, and the elegant. The rich color, metal’s feel, elegant appearance bring strong expressive force for building.

5.The equipment’s install and test is convenient,and the machine is suit for factory’s production.

6.The equipment’s noise is low, and it has high work efficiency.



Downspout Roll Forming Machine is widely used for modern villa and multi-story building, and it can provide new value-added space for real estate developer, and provide new design thought for designer. It meets greatly ever-increasing the demand for house of high-end group.

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