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Focus on the development of cold roll forming equipment in China
Cold forming equipment in the past few years the development of can by leaps and bounds in describe is not too much, because the roll forming equipment when first appeared on the, in fact, has occupied a various areas of our entire molding equipment and cold forming equipment in the entire equipment industry plays a very important part, is the relatively important an industry, whether it is in the strategic, or on the basis of sex plays a very important role, the main is cold forming equipment production capacity can directly affect our country in manufacturing industry level of development.

The function of cold roll forming equipment is very different from other industrial products, especially in the negative function. In recent years, the rapid development of China, a lot of national enterprises on the choice and the steel industry to reach a consensus, a lot of manufacturers are constantly developing new products and materials. And before the hot hot rolled steel is gradually adopted in the use of cold formed steel, it is believed that everyone is obvious to all.

In recent years, China has been focusing on the development of environmental protection equipment, and environmental protection awareness will become an important mainstream in the last few years of our country. In the development trend of environmental protection equipment, forming equipment has become the mainstream of the market, but also led to the development of cold formed steel equipment, of course, the direction of the development of key or application needs, must realize the use of a variety of products. The first to put an end to the cooperation of the punching. So small series believe that with the development of the entire environmental protection market, forming equipment will become increasingly important.

For cold forming equipment, common molding method mainly includes pressing, forging, extrusion and welding equipments can be formed. And one of the methods to explain the forming method of forming equipment, according to the method we can not see it, to make the device can be a simple molding, we need to use the molding equipment, and these devices are we do not have a way to manufacture their own, so we need to buy some ready-made a good molding equipment.

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