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Equipment Accessories is including Decoiler. Bending Machine. Shearing Machine. Flattening Machine. Integrated Machine For Interior And Exterior Wrapping. Slitting Machine. Various Punching Plates/Block Dies. 25T Punch. Sawing Machine.

  • Decoiler


    • ●Product description: Decoiler is a special equipment, sheet metal leveling will be rolling finished product take-up rolls, used for rolling, caigang volume of fixed and to meet the needs of the production, transportation, storage and user, has a great deal of tension in order to make sure to reduce rolling pressure, reduce the strip buckling phenomenon, so as to improve the quality of strip steel products.   In strip processing equipment, the uncoiler is main equipment of preparation process, the strip tension after the runtime provides, support strip and cooperate together with the straightener, the strip into the flattener.   The device automatically up volume, feeding, speed regulation and forming host synchronization, caigang equipment supporting products.And colored steel forming machine, cut machine is used to form a complete set of fully automated production line, save human resource to reduce labor costs.
  • Bending Machine

    Bending Machine

    • ●Product description: Bending machine is a kind machine can bend the thin sheet to different degree, is indispensable in the process of sheet metal processing machinery and equipment.   ●Application Bending machine can be widely used in electrical, electronic, metal structure, instruments, meters, daily hardware, building decoration and other industries, used for conveying machinery, transport boxes, all kinds of box parts, plate pieces of processing.
  • Shearing Machine

    Shearing Machine

    • ●Product description: Shearing machine is more widely used in machining, belonging to one of the forging machinery, it can cut all kinds of thickness of the steel plate materials. Borrow on the movement of the blade and fixed blade, adopt reasonable blade clearance, for a variety of the thickness of the sheet metal shear, separate the sheet according to the size of the required fracture.   Shearing machine should be able to guarantee shear surface degree and parallel degree requirements after sharing, and to minimize the plank distortion, in order to obtain high quality of the workpiece.   Up blade is fixed on the tool carrier, the down blade is fixed on the workbench. There is a retainer ball on workstation, so that the sheet metal of sliding without scratches on it. Keep-off for sheet metal after positioning, the position adjusted by electric motor. Press cylinder for clamping sheet, in order to prevent the sheet metal in the shear movement. Guardrail is a safety device, to...
  • Flattening Machine

    Flattening Machine

    • ●Product description: Flattening machine is commonly used in plate processing equipment, flattening machine finalize the design mainly depends on the strip thickness, material. The thicker the material required for the structure to the better rigidity, The thicker material needed to better rigidity structure, and the less the number, and the greater, the greater the power (a certain width), and vice versa.  ●Application Flattening machine is mainly applied to correct all kinds of plates and cut into pieces. The device can apply to all kinds of cold and hot rolled plate leveling. Due to its easy operation, simple, range of application in machinery, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, electronics, power, light industry and other industries, especially in shipbuilding, locomotive vehicle, bridge, boiler metal structure factory etc, become the indispensable essential product in production.
  • Integrated Machine For Interior And Exterior Wrapping

    Integrated Machine For Interior And Exterior Wrapping

    • ●Product description: Integrated machine for interior and exterior wrapping adopts the high level automatic control software, the realization of information management, the automation control system adopts the high integration of network, the automation system performance is superior. ●product features  (1) The equipment adopts the high level automatic control software, the realization of information management.  (2) The automation control system uses high integration network, the automation system performance is superior. (3) Also has a machine equipment operation, maintenance, maintenance and debugging machinery, mold the advantages of easy replacement.
  • Slitting Machine

    Slitting Machine

    • ●Product description: Simple Slitting Machine is the longitudinal cutting equipment for slitting wide steel sheet. ●product features The equipment layout is reasonable, easy operation, high automation, high efficiency, high precision work, can machine various cold-rolled, hot-rolled coil, plate, silicon steel plate, stainless steel plate, color plate, aluminum plate, and all kinds of sheet metal after plating or painting.   ●Application (1) used for slitting paper which is currently the mainstream products in packaging equipment, packaging market often visible. (2) used for slitting of leather, cloth, plastic, film, and so on demand by the industry, its main function is to wide roll material according to the length direction shear into narrow size coil, prepare for other processing operations in the future. (3) for article points the metal coil: mainly used in steel market operators, steel rolling factory, electrical appliances industry, automobile, stamping parts and so on proces...
  • Various Punching Plates/Block Dies

    Various Punching Plates/Block Dies

    • ●Product description: Pattern and block dies punching machine is installed on the shaft end gear set, dial pin gear transmission, toggle mounted on the six-party turn sheave on the shaft to implement dividing positioning, on the shaft at each end is equipped with a and installed on the same shaft and suppression of conjugate CAM to CAM, lower die are implemented by locating rod and the positioning plate in the precise localization of work position. Within the left and right sides of the case, install a lubrication pump, machine work, the tubing to the movement of friction parts lubricating oil. Mould pressing process:  By motor through the pulley, drive the input shaft and pinion, big gear, shaft drive, through a set of driving CAM mechanism with upper die slide up and down, realize the pressure.
  • 25T Punch

    25T Punch

    • ●Product description: 25 tons of deep throat punch machine is to increase the depth of the throat open press with fixed bed, working space is big, easy to match all kinds of punch surrounding equipment, belong to the deep neck series of high-end models.   ●product features 1, Adopts the steel plate welding, higher body strength and stiffness, economy is durable. Economic press.  2, Simple structure, versatility, and convenient maintenance and operation. 3, Adopts Band brake, easy adjustment.  4, Large deep throat, suitable for large size sheet of cold working.   ●Application 25 tons of deep throat punch machine is widely used in large size sheet metal punching, blanking, cutting, bending, forming, shallow drawing, such as technology, such as: electronic components, hardware instruments, toys, vehicles, bearing, light industry, machinery, furniture and other industrial fields.
  • Sawing Machine

    Sawing Machine

    • ●Product description: Sawing machine is specially used for cutting of various kinds of wear-resistant materials such as steel, pipe.   ●product features 1, Large cutting range and can be used for a variety of material cutting. 2, Automatic and high efficiency, saw frame automatic fast drop, close to the workpiece, feeding speed automatically converted to working speed, saw frame automatically rises, saves the auxiliary time, efficiency is higher.   ●Application Sawing machine is used in bar, pipe, profile, steel plates, steel billet cutting off.  
  • Slitting Line & Cut To Length Line & Leveling Line

    Slitting Line & Cut To Length Line & Leveling Line

    • ●Product description: Slitting Line has high-efficiency and fixed cutting function, it includes decoiler, leveling, fixing, slitting for kinds of coils, at the same time it can cut them into different plates. After cutting, kinds of plates are neatly stacked. For enterprise who widely use different specification plates, it can add the output, reduce cost, make sure quality, and improve production efficiency. After cutting line, it can be allocated numerical control press machine, double action sheet stretch machine, and make the processing part formed one time, and it is essential and high-efficiency machine for modern enterprise.