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Product description

Decoiler is a special equipment, sheet metal leveling will be rolling finished product take-up rolls, used for rolling, caigang volume of fixed and to meet the needs of the production, transportation, storage and user, has a great deal of tension in order to make sure to reduce rolling pressure, reduce the strip buckling phenomenon, so as to improve the quality of strip steel products.


In strip processing equipment, the uncoiler is main equipment of preparation process, the strip tension after the runtime provides, support strip and cooperate together with the straightener, the strip into the flattener.


The device automatically up volume, feeding, speed regulation and forming host synchronization, caigang equipment supporting products.And colored steel forming machine, cut machine is used to form a complete set of fully automated production line, save human resource to reduce labor costs.

  • 5 ton Hydraulic Decoiler

    uncoiler machine

    • ●5 ton Hydraulic Decoiler Product description: 5 ton Hydraulic Decoiler is mainly used for steel coil loading and cutting function ,is special equipment for roll forming machine.
  • 10 ton Hydraulic Decoiler

    Hydraulic Decoiler

    • ●10 ton Hydraulic Decoiler Product description: 10 ton Hydraulic decoiler is mainly used for steel coil loading and cutting function ,is special equipment for roll forming machine.
  • Automatic Decoiler

    coil decoiler

    • ●Automatic Decoiler Product description: Automatic Decoiler is mainly used for steel coil loading and cutting function, USES the high quality material, the overall design is novel, simple and compact structure, stable performance, reliable work sheet metal processing, has the beautiful appearance, level off is smooth, high added value, in mechanical manufacturing, the freed people from heavy labor, and to improve the production quality, reduce costs, promote the rationalization of industrial structure has played a positive role, is the ideal of kaiping shear sheet metal shearing blanking automation production line.