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Congratulations Mr. Cui Rongzheng had lected the president of Botou roll forming machine industry association.

In October 2013, in Botou City government leaders at all levels of care and help, under the joint efforts of all municipal pressure tile machine production units, Botou City pressure tile machine industry association formally established.

Botou City Press and tile machine industry association, marking the development of the industry of Botou city press is gradually moving towards industrialization, standardization, standardization. In the development of the future, the association will play an important role in the development of the industry. We firmly believe that with the gradual improvement of the functions of various departments, the positive role of industry associations will become more and more obvious play.

At the first meeting of the association, the election of the first council members, President, vice president and board of supervisors, supervisors, I was honored to be elected as the first chairman of the board, general manager Mr. Cui Rongzheng was elected president of the Botou press association!

We know that this is all my colleagues Keyuan company's support and love on the foreign exchange and to encourage and spur us, we will under the care and guidance of industry associations and strive to do a good job the following work:

1, strengthen and improve product quality awareness. By actively participating in the activities of the association, alert yourself to take responsibility for product quality, quality first, the product quality as the lifeline of enterprise development. At the same time, standardize the enterprise honest and law-abiding, fair, just, accept the quality inspection agency management and supervision. The use of association to promote the position and various places, the standard service, comply with the business ethics, and promote the construction of professional ethics. Let product quality responsibility consciousness into the hearts of every employee, so that they recognize that the existence of the enterprise to product quality.

2, under the leadership and organization of the association, and gradually develop the industry product quality standards. According to the characteristics of the industry and the development of the self - development, we should draw up the standard of product quality in order to restrict the behavior of the enterprises. At the same time, in time to develop a practical quality testing standards and methods for the entire industry to provide quality reference basis for the development of industry standards.

3, the establishment of a sound system to ensure the quality and safety of products. The Department in charge of the quality of products is gradually established in the company. As a specialized agency to ensure product quality and safety, and to combine the actual and international practices of enterprises themselves, and to develop and improve the quality and safety of the enterprise.

4, committed to the integrity of the environment. Product quality and safety problems, as well as the quality of the product to hide, more reflects the enterprise's dishonesty. In the integrity of the environment, we will actively respond to the call of industry associations. Gradually establish a credit file information system, in the enterprise internal training practitioners to comply with the practice of ethics, discipline, ethics and other behavior norms.

We believe that Botou City pressure tile machine industry association was established, is bound to be Botou City pressure tile machine industry in the development of an important milestone, huikeyuan is willing to work with pressure tile machine counterparts together, for the healthy development of the industry, for their contribution to the economic take-off in Botou City of power!

The newly elected president, Mr. Cui Rongzheng, said that the next will set the power of the industry elite, the national standard is modeled, lead the development of local standards for the industry of the city press, to provide a basis for industry self-regulation.

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