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Characteristics and application of cold roll forming equipment
The main types of cold bending forming equipment or need to be differentiated according to the development of science and technology, and now the market has a large number of double layer of cold forming equipment, so the double layer of cold forming equipment in the use of the advantages and disadvantages of it? Below and a small series up to learn it! So that we can quickly choose to suit their own company's cold roll forming equipment.

First: roll forming equipment requirements for the installation location, because the need to occupy large ground area, such as our common of 840-900 of double color steel tile forming machine, if the installation of the workshop area is too small, then in the choice to choose carefully, it is best to volume and area selection of small bending machine, particularly suitable in the workshop area is small and the requirements of the higher places use, can not only effectively covers an area of small main ability, does not need to use any tools to adjust, it is also cold forming equipment advantage. But the biggest weakness of cold forming equipment is the same time can only produce a kind of cold formed material, and the single layer of cold forming equipment, in the area of the area is much worse, but in the process of production, can simultaneously produce two different profiles. So any device has the advantages and disadvantages of the appropriate choice of cold bending machine must be prepared in advance to do the corresponding advantages and disadvantages, and only the real understanding of the better use of.

Main application of cold roll forming equipment

First, the formation of cold bending forming equipment in the production process is more prone to distortion and bending problems, this situation is mainly caused by the reason is that the force was not balanced, such as the stress around the uneven, the left and right bending and upper and lower stress is not balanced, it is more prone to distortion. The main solution is to force the design of a more balanced, or processing more accurate, or is more convenient to install and adjust. Cold bending forming equipment is mainly used in aluminum, color steel strip and strip, mainly through the equipment for rolling forming, only need to adjust the different roller can produce different profiles, such as open, semi open and closed, the main molding material has light keel, roll gate, electric cabinet, and car doors and windows, can automatically adjust the size and cut off.

Because the main drive of the side, is the use of roller cone bearings, can effectively ensure that the shaft of the radial run out of the 0.04MM within and outside, but also to ensure that the main shaft will not appear around the channeling, because the ordinary ball bearing itself there is a large gap, in the more precise transmission process can not effectively avoid the axial channeling. In fact, the accuracy is very important in the processing of the roller, a lot of manufacturers will use special tools for the special purpose of the projector, at least twenty times more close to the test.

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