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In the building materials industry, color steel panel and steel section is applied more and more, has become indispensable in building materials, industry prospects are very broad and the current color steel tile according to the needs of people in the continuous improvement, with light weight, maintenance free, rich color, fireproof and waterproof, good anti-seismic performance, convenient construction, industrialization level is high.

1.Enterprise's industrial plant, many are the use of cold formed steel structure, the weight of the building reduction, the foundation and the part of basic costs, than the reinforced concrete structure of the plant decreased by 45%, this type of industrial plant is more and more manufacturers warmly.
2.The works of the new stadium, railway station, TV tower, parts of their works use the structure of many kinds of cold formed steel, as the main structure of the force construction.
3.Warehouse, automatic management of three-dimensional warehouse, trading market, exhibition hall, active housing, etc.
4.Industrial and civil buildings, they need a large number of doors and windows. From the early fasting steel doors and windows, and gradually developed into today's color plate steel doors and windows, stainless steel doors and windows, plastic steel door and window is made of cold-formed steel products. Fasting steel doors and windows, color plate steel windows and doors and stainless steel doors and windows is directly made of all kinds of cold-formed steel products and components, and in the plastic steel windows and doors, the cold-formed steel is used as inner lining material, in order to enhance the doors and windows of the strength and stiffness.
5.Special doors and windows, such as: shutter doors, fire doors, anti-theft door, and so on, these different categories, but also the use of cold formed steel.
6.In many modern buildings, the glass curtain wall frame also used the production of cold formed steel.