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Automatic Decoiler

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Automatic Decoiler Product description

Automatic Decoiler is mainly used for steel coil loading and cutting function, USES the high quality material, the overall design is novel, simple and compact structure, stable performance, reliable work sheet metal processing, has the beautiful appearance, level off is smooth, high added value, in mechanical manufacturing, the freed people from heavy labor, and to improve the production quality, reduce costs, promote the rationalization of industrial structure has played a positive role, is the ideal of kaiping shear sheet metal shearing blanking automation production line.

product features 

1, this equipment integrates mechanical, electrical and hydraulic system, is a delicate and meticulous automation products.
2, fully automatic CNC design, uncoiling, leveling, automatic length cutting and cutting material stacking, and other functions.
3, USES the brand servo motor and servo drives.
4, large capacity, high speed in the PLC.
Shear plate in 5, the working process of the length and the number of automatic counting, count to stop automatically, saving time and labor for can quickly.
6, high shear rate, the errors are within the range.
7, can cut width is not more than 1250 mm, thickness is not more than 1 mm (plus or minus 0.2 mm).
8, the operation is simple and easy to understand, greatly improving the work efficiency, saving the cost of labor.

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